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    While we are in the process of redesigning the JuiceQube website please email Brad@JuiceQube.com with your desired:

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    2. Any additional photo that you wish to add

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    Thank you for your interest in the LegalShield JuiceQubes.  We're hoping to put a Charge in your Business!


    In today’s fast paced consumer world that relies increasingly on mobile devices, consumers often need to quickly find a place to charge their devices.  JuiceQube delivers the perfect solution while also promoting your LegalShield brand and message.

    JuiceQube is a great way to break through the marketing noise that exists today, while providing a value-added service for your clients.  JuiceQube is a smart charging station enabling people to charge any device that can be connected with a USB cable, while doubling as a small billboard promoting LegalShield and your specific business.  What better impression can you ask for?

    Having a LegalShield JuiceQube creates an easy conversation starter for your clients. Gaining a single new LegalShield client would more than covers the cost of your JuiceQube. In addition, your branded JuiceQube delivers continual impressions that augment your other forms of marketing. Because of the uniqueness of this product, it tends to be eye catching for consumers, particularly those in need of a charge. In addition to placing a JuiceQube in your office, consider placing them around town in the offices of your best clients further promoting your business. Check with us for suggestions on choosing the ideal locations yielding the greatest benefit from having a JuiceQube.

    Up to five people can charge devices at the same time. As a LegalShield Associate, you will receive 3 complimentary 3-in-1 charging cables with each Premium JuiceQube you order – a $33 value. Each time they plug-in or unplug, your brand gets an additional impression.  Think of it as continually charging the battery of your brand!  You can put anything you’d like on the wrap, ranging from your logo to specialty promotions that can be updated as needed for a modest fee (for all other JuiceQubes you order, we will include 2 complimentary charging cables – a $22 value.)

    If you would like to put your business card information on your JuiceQube, we can do that for you for a small fee of $25. Simply choose the option to add your information when you select your LegalShield JuiceQube.